Who, What, How and Why


What we do

Imaginea Energy is an energy company backed by private equity based in Calgary, Canada. We produce oil and gas. Our operations are located in South Central Alberta, and serviced through offices in Brooks and Jenner. Acquisitions made in October, 2014 and November 2015 are consolidated, producing over 5000 boe/d (for now).

Key Attributes
  • ~5000 boe/d (69% oil)
  • Operated assets
  • High working interests (95%)
  • Large land base
  • Strong infrastructure
  • Concentrated operations
  • Declines ~15%
  • Pekisko and Mannville oil pools
  • High fluid production
  • Waterfloods
  • Medium crude and shallow gas
  • ~550 mmbbl OOIP
  • ~1850 wells (1160 active)
  • 1.80 LMR

But what’s really interesting is the way we go about it. We’re defying industry stereotypes by focusing on sustainability and community responsibility in everything we do. We’re the oil company for the 21st century.

We care about the planet and people just as much as we do about profit – which is to say, a lot. We believe the energy industry can be a force for good. And we’re going to get there through collaboration, courage, commitment, and creativity. Over the next year, we’re focused on acquiring and developing more assets. While we do it, we’re committed to being stewards of the planet and partners of the people. And we’ll deliver a profit to our shareholders while we’re at it.


Why we do it

The way things have traditionally been done in the energy industry is simply not sustainable. Imaginea is committed to changing the way this business works. Not because of regulation, or a sense of obligation, but because we genuinely want to. It’s the right thing to do. And it’s the smart thing to do. We see upside in just about anything – opportunity in every challenge. Opportunities to innovate, collaborate, and create. We’re as inspired by the brilliance of youth as we are the wisdom of elders, from inside the energy industry and outside. We’re not afraid to step up to the challenge. We were born for this. And we love it.


How we do it

Change is easy in theory. It takes desire, and a willingness to try. But in practice, it takes hard work, courage and a team of brilliant, open minds. It also takes collaboration – across all groups, defying all stereotypes. We believe in the magic of and. For us, and is a mindset. The space between the extremes – where many more solutions are found that serve more than one objective or perspective. We know there are answers to the world’s toughest questions and biggest challenges. We have to want to find them. And we won’t find them in old polarized debates. We’ll find them in the ingenuity of Mother Nature, in the innovation of technology and in the minds of as many people as possible that we can inspire. We’ll find them in the magic of and. And is our DNA. It comes to life as Project StepUp. That’s our commitment: to StepUp to do something different. Something better. Something that brings us together and pushes us to do more.


What’s Next?

A movement isn’t built by a single person. Or a single group, even. Movements exist because groups work together. Because barriers break – and in their place, understanding is built. For that to happen, people have to reach out to each other. We’re reaching out to you. Right here, and right now. Talk to us. Learn from us. Teach us. Contribute to our efforts – and we’ll contribute to yours. Collaborate with us. We want your ideas, your questions, your imagination and your professional services. Because changing the way this business works is a big job. We have a vision, but your involvement is what can create a movement.

Let’s work together.

we are imaginea