In service of our vision, which is to create an energy industry that’s better for the planet, and for people, and for profit, Imaginea Energy is focused on two strategic pathways: One key pathway is to create Clean Hydrocarbons, and the second is to create successful 3P Operations and Development (in our Princess and Jenner fields in South Central Alberta).

We will do all of this in steps of “AND”, where we find solutions that honour all three of Planet, People and Profit. AND also means utilizing our strengths – our People, our Ideas, and our Assets, which are foundational to these two pathways (see figure 1 below). Staged development along these pathways ensure that innovative ideas are targeted and in service to the objectives. Platforms that are developed in this process will create new asset classes, opening doors to opportunities. (see figure 3 for more about these platforms)

Figure 1Pathway to Clean Hydrocarbons - imagineaEAT
Figure 2Benefits of Operational Excellence & Execution-Based Strategy - imagineaEAT


22 Platforms, organized into three categories

Impact Shifting Platforms

These eight Platforms take us from where we are to something much different, with little transition in between. These Platforms are necessary to make the much needed changes that will be required for other Platforms to build upon. These are the Platforms that shift everything into the world of electrons. They shift how we measure, how we view the supply chain, and how we transact.  They shift outcomes because they also shift fundamental thinking about how we harness the potential of people, of systems and of the next generations.

Four platforms that will transform efficiency are:

Vertical Integration
Transparent Measurement

Four Platforms that will change paradigms and systems are:

Organizational Model (Elemental Org)
Education Collaboration
Sustainable Communities
Higher Consciousness

Deep Collaboration Platforms

These five Platforms take collaboration to the next level.  These are Platforms that transform the way we govern with each other, how we baseline where we all need to move from, and how we erase the boundaries between everything to leverage the power of aligned integration.   They alter how we maximize our capital resources together.

Three Platforms that will transform governance and policy are:

Collaborative Contracts
Regulatory Partnerships
Baseline Platform (Eco/Energy Efficiency Audit)
Synergist Collaboration with other industries

Two Platforms that will utilize further synergistic financing are:

Symbiotic Financial Partnership
New Green Bond Asset Class

Natural Expansion Platforms

These are Platforms that guide our growth in healthy, natural ways.  Ways that see and inform the whole system, ways that replicate what is strong, ways that intend us to be resilient, opportunistic and thrive abundantly.  These are Platforms that create a powerful movement for good, that multiply our impacts and effects in many arenas, and that accelerate what is needed to solve the right problems.

Three Platforms that will accelerate technology “AND” solutions are:

Unique Accelerator
Incentive Prize
Operational Center

Two Platforms that will multiply our effect are:

International Ecosystem Integration Template
Imaginea Fractals (Franchises)

Three Platforms that will engage and influence are:

Films Platform
Future Investor Platform
Sharing Vision Platform

All 22 of these Platforms combine, giving us the potential to create three Mega-Platforms:

  1. Regenerative Economy Ecosystem Platform
  2. Clean Hydrocarbon Platform (hydrocarbon produced without emissions, without pollution, without the use of fresh water)
  3. 3P (Planet, People, Profit) AND Solutions Platform
Figure 3

How do we build Platforms?

Foundational Ingredients

Building the 22 Platforms that enable us to create Mega-Platforms requires skills and attributes – demonstrated foundational ingredients that can be transferred to any asset (future opportunity of applying to other assets). These foundational aspects are:

Organic processes
  • grass roots processes that address gaps dynamically
  • improve efficiency and effectiveness with only processes that are needed over the time they are needed
Strategic decision making
  • Decision making aligned with goals, resourcing, circumstance, constraints, relevance, importance and opportunity
Content stewardship
  • Providing not only data/results of accountabilities – but hindcasts and synthesis of what is most important, relevant, learned, and what does it mean for impact, risk, opportunity, and changes needed
Best-fit problem solving
  • Matching solutions to root causes
  • Finding solutions that address what is most needed
Applied strengths and skills
  • Ensuring individual’s strengths and skills are known, shared and made available
  • Leveraging and magnifying strengths applicable to each situation
Critical thinking
  • Consistent practice of the discipline of thinking that isn’t biased, distorted, partial, uninformed or prejudiced
  • Honour the data, be inquisitive, be open-minded, don’t assume you’re right, do your homework, involve others, keep the main goal in mind
Systems thinking
  • Consistent practice of the discipline of understanding how things influence one another within the whole
  • Seeing relationships and connections, recognizing evolution, understanding time effects, recognizing cycles, contemplating equifinality or multifinality, seeing order from seeming chaos, determining closed or open systems
Heightened learning
  • Actively seeks out learning; understands the need for continual learning
  • Recognizes all experiences have learning opportunities; particular failures or unexpected outcomes
Mastered discipline
  • Self-mastery of thoughts, emotions, habits, behaviors
  • Consistent ability to respond, not react
  • Consistent practice of Mindfulness
Relevant awareness
  • Paying attention to the relevant information around you
  • Consistent practice of awareness of emotional intelligence, intuitive wisdom
Figure 4Benefits of Imaginea's Platform - imagineaEAT
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